Resin Weld Advance technology in glass repair

Repair cracked windscreens

For all windscreen repairs, anywhere in New Zealand, please phone 0800 85 88 88

If you would like to learn more about windscreen repair, the service offered and a franchising opportunity please click on the appropriate link.

RESIN WELD has been repairing stone chips and cracks on vehicle windscreens since 1984 and is very proud of the excellent reputation for quality and customer satisfaction that has become the trade mark of our business.

Using the most advanced windscreen repair technology available in the World today, fantastic state of the art windscreen repair resins RESIN WELD is a definitive way forward in this rapid growth industry.

All RESIN WELD resins are manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified facility for quality and consistency, and our low viscosity resins are formulated for a unique combination of bonding strength and elasticity.

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